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Filing A Lawsuit

Personal Injury Lawsuits in Monroe

A personal injury lawsuit is filed by a person who has been injured in an accident and believes another party is liable. Though it is possible to file a personal injury lawsuit without an attorney’s assistance, qualified legal counsel makes the process much easier and greatly increases the chances of receiving fair compensation for your physical, property, and emotional damages.

The process of filing your Monroe personal injury lawsuit

An attorney can help you through all of the following steps of filing a personal injury lawsuit in Louisiana

Gather evidence

Your attorney discusses the case with you (the plaintiff) and helps collect key evidence. If necessary, he or she might investigate to gather more evidence and bring in specialists to help support your case.

The Demand letter

Your attorney drafts and sends a demand letter to the alleged liable party (the defendant), his or her attorney, or the defendant’s insurer. This letter includes facts about the accident, your injuries, and requests a specific settlement amount by a certain date.

Filing a lawsuit

If your settlement request is not met, the next step is to file an injury lawsuit. With the help of an experienced Monroe injury lawyer, you then file a complaint against the defendant or defendants. Each of them is served a complaint and given a specified time to respond. Their reply is called an answer. The complaint and answer are filed with a court.


Once the personal injury law suit is filed, the parties have a chance to gather more information. They can request replies to written questions, testimony and documents from each other and third parties.

Settlement & Trial

There is one final chance to reach a settlement in your injury lawsuit before trial. A judge may try to broker a deal between the attorneys or suggest a neutral mediator or arbitration.

The attorneys present their case before a judge or jury and a verdict is reached for either the plaintiff or defendant. If you receive a favorable decision, you then collect damages.

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